Where can I buy Twizzlers?

Hi Jamie, 

If you’re visiting the Gold Coast, just pop into any Woolworths supermarket and go to the confectionery (‘lollies’) aisle. You should see Twizzlers or Red Vines there.
Woolies are in most Australian towns and cities. If you’re in Victoria, Woolworths is called Safeway. 


What’s so special about Australian “style” licorice?  I think I’ll buy it next time I see it.


We only had black licorice when I was growing up, or licorice all-sorts. There was a soft round, very dark green licorice, so dark it looked black but tinged with deep green when you bit into it. Thick like a finger, not thin like skinny round shoelaces. Firm, but bendy, matte not shiny, not too sweet.
@marksierra, can you help out? What was the name of that confectionery maker around Glenferrie Rd??? I think it was their specialty, not so much Allen’s or Darrell Lea. 

(We used to spell it liquorice cheese )


joanne said:

What was the name of that confectionery maker around Glenferrie Rd??? 

I think the mob you are referring to was a crowd called Horse Torque and Lollies.  They used to be in Dandenong Road, near Glenferrie Road, in (the Melbourne suburb of) Malvern.

They've moved a little further out from town now:


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