What's with the time in Qld??! AEDT

There's a joke that Queensland (Qld) is several years behind the rest of Australia - unless, of course, you're a Queenslander in which case everyone else is an alien. (No political comments here)

In summer, most of the rest of Australia has chosen to adopt 'daylight saving time', advancing their clocks one hour from November and returning to real time in March. Queenslanders stubbornly refuse to do so, despite the disruption to businesses already dealing with our three time zones. 

If you're flying in or out of Qld, carefully check your arrival and departure times. 

If you're on the NSW/Qld border (eg Gold Coast, Tweed Heads) and popping over the border for an event, check your booking times for meals etc - I've forgotten my lunchtime bookings were an hour earlier, and nearly missed out! (This is extra important for some medical services, shared in border zones) 

Yeah, it's weird. It's harder when you have to ring someone interstate. Feels a bit like you're in an old spy movie and synching watches - but that just adds to the adventure cheese

Just remember Queensland stays on real time, all year.


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