How many eucalypts?

Australia is renowned for its iconic eucalypt trees.

They have a unique scent that can tell a homesick traveller he/she is close to home.  
Scientists and expeditioners returning by sea from the Antarctic, where there are no natural smells, have reported being able to sense they are getting close to land by the scent of the trees.


Of course it’s a little different now, after the recent fires but there’s a wonderfully invigorating sense of ‘coming home’ when I smell the paperbarks and the blue gums, the peppercorn trees and all the different wattles. 
Around the Dandenongs (Melbourne), there are wonderful national parks with beautiful trees to sniff - marvel as the burnt landscapes of the Blue Mountains grow back. Autumn should be amazing after all this rain.  Queensland smells different, softer but more fragrant at night especially in the warmer months, and the eucalyptus trees are greener, less grey and blue. The leaves and bark are all different; goanna, possums, koala, birds, ants all love living and scrabbling around every part. 
i can’t remember the bush of Tasmania, I was just a teenager when I was last there. Daintree always captured my imagination. 
I look forward to reading other suggestions from further west.


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